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File cabinets are usually equipped with an integrated locking system. There are several types of locking systems available. Generally, there are the keyless type and the key based model. While buying file cabinets, it is essential that you choose those types that come with locks that offer the maximum protection, access control and security. File cabinet locks differ in styles, types and keying options for lateral files, vertical files and custom built file furniture. Even if you lose access to the cabinet, the experts fromSewickley PA Locksmith Store can help you with unlocking file cabinets.

Types of cabinet locks:

Key-based locks:

When it comes to key-based locking systems, the most widely used is the pin tumbler lock. The other type of lock is the tubular tumbler locks that have horizontal and exposed pins. There are two more categories of locks - the cam lock that can be opened and closed by a key and the plunger lock, which requires a key for only opening. To close it, you just have to push the cylinder. For additional security, you can consider installing a keypad door lock for improved protection.

Keyless locks:

These types of locks are available in a wide range of models, features, shapes and designs. They make use of an electronic locking system and access control mechanism. Manufacturers have recently developed a locking device that comes equipped with a lifting pin, rotating camera, an electronic module and actuator to provide enhanced security.

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Sewickley PA Locksmith Store Sewickley, PA 412-200-1284Looking for unlocking file cabinet service in Sewickley, PA? You need not search any further. At Sewickley PA Locksmith Store, we offer a wide range of locksmith services. Whatever model of lock you are looking for, we can help you find the right one for your requirements. We have expert technicians on board who can help unlock file cabinets without causing any damage to it. They are highly qualified, well-trained and have plenty of experience in dealing with file cabinets. We also offer 24/7 services, which means that you never need to wait for long hours for your issues to be resolved.

What makes our locksmiths truly outstanding, apart from their expertise is the tools that they carry. These equipments enable them to complete the job with accuracy and precision. Often people hire inexperienced mechanics for unlocking file cabinets. It is best to refrain from doing this as they neither have the skills nor the tools to do the job.

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