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Rekeying can be the best thing to do for improving the security of your home, especially if you have just lost your keys or moved to a new house. This is an effective way to prevent anyone else from having access to your house other than you and your family members. While rekeying, the locksmith from Sewickley PA Locksmith Store will change the tumbler configurations in the locks. The old key will thus no longer work here. They will also make you new keys in the shortest time possible.

What does it mean?

Here are some situations when a re-key locks procedure can be a good way to bolster the security of your property:

Moving to a new house:

When you shift to a new house, you may want to change the locks. However, this may work out to be quite expensive and you may not want to incur any additional charges. Most homeowners opt for poor quality locks to save costs. However, this way you compromise the safety and security of your family members and possessions. The best way to go is to rekey locks. It saves time, money and provides the ultimate security.

Tenant change:

Evicted a tenant recently? You would do well to rekey your locks. You never know, he may want to take revenge by attacking your property. It is of utmost importance that you rekey locks the moment your ex-tenant leaves.

Divorce/fall outs

If you have had a spat with someone recently, whether it is your spouse or neighbour or the gardener who has your keys, the security of your property may be at risk. They might want to get back at you by damaging or stealing your possessions. If you rekey locks in this case, it will give you peace of mind that your property is secure.

When will a re-key lock procedure not work?Sewickley PA Locksmith Store Sewickley, PA 412-200-1284

  • When the locks are dilapidated
  • When the configurations are messed up
  • When the locks are obsolete
  • When the locks are damaged
  • When the life expectancy is poor

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