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Sewickley PA Locksmith Store Sewickley, PA 412-200-1284Most of the times, we are not much aware of the security system of our property. While we may secure them with locks, we tend to forget that the locks need to be updated and changed from time to time for improved security. Most technicians say that it is quite alarming how people use old, dilapidated locks for years and expect their property to stay safe and secure.

At Sewickley PA Locksmith Store, it is our mission to secure the lives and property of people in Sewickley, PA. We have been working tirelessly towards this end and have earned a name for being one of the most trusted locksmiths for change locks service in the region.

What we offer?

Services for commercial properties:

The importance of securing a business well cannot be undermined. Commercial properties are stocked with high value assets that require maximum protection. At Sewickley PA Locksmith Store, we offer cutting edge solutions to keep your business premises safe. You can also call in our experts for a security evaluation of your premises, aside from change locks service. They will assess your needs, inspect the property and suggest appropriate changes.

Change locks services for homes:

As per a survey, 36% of household members suffered injuries during a break-in attempt. Your home is the place where your loved ones dwell. Needless to say, it is extremely crucial to secure your home well to protect their lives. Have an expert come over and check if your house is fully secure from burglary attacks. If not, you can seek the help of our experts to enhance your security.

Lock changing for vehicles

The locking industry has undergone immense transformation, and today modern cars have highly advanced locking systems that offer the best protection. If you own an old car that has an antiquated security system, you can hire change locks services and upgrade to a more efficient security system.

Our lockmasters are always updating themselves about the recent developments in locking technology. They are thus fully acquainted with every kind of lock and locking system. Whether you have an old padlock or a new electronic lock system, you can trust our experts to handle it well. Our technicians not only help fix locksmith issues, but they do so without causing any damage to the property in any way. This is something that may not happen when you hire an inexperienced handyman to do the job. He may cause damages to the door or the lock thereby leading to expensive repairs.

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